Friday, January 17, 2014

AniMoby Introduces New Screen Capture Tool

The makers of AniMoby for iPads, iPhones, and Android Tablets recently developed and released a new, free screen-capturing tool for Windows operating systems. 

The tool, called AniMoby SC, simplifies the screen-capturing process for Windows users by enabling them to grab/save selected parts of the screen from just a simple stroke of the keyboard.

AniMoby SC is a great tool for those who use the AniMoby app on their tablets or smartphones, as it allows for the easy capture of images from the screen that later can be used in AniMoby-created lessons, projects, and tutorials.

A quick tutorial on how to use AniMoby SC is below:

1.) Go to the website

2). Click onto install on Windows (the icon is in the red circle in the screen shot above) and select your destination folder. In this tutorial, we used Dropbox, so AniMoby SC is saved within the folder entitled Dropbox. Within this folder, you can find the AniMoby SC folder - as seen below. 

3.) An icon was created on your desktop:

4.) When opening Animoby SC, you can either use it in its original mode by clicking OK or you can set new preferences, including your own shortcut commands, if you desire.

5.) Once a notification appears indicating it’s active, you can start using it.

6.) To take a screenshot, simply type the desired commands that are described below. If you only want to capture a certain part of the screen, enter the Ctrl + Shift + 2 command and wait until the cursor turns into a cross. Click and drag selecting the desired area. When you release, the screen capture is automatically saved in the destination folder you set.

7.) To capture the entire screen, type Ctrl + Shift + 3 command and the content will be automatically saved to the destination folder set.

8.) There is another command that allows you to capture a certain part of the screen (Ctrl + Shift + 4), but it turns into a window and allows you to save in a different folder of your choice, if you prefer.

9.) After capturing all the screens, import them from the Dropbox to Animoby iPad and/or Animoby iPhone and create your project. Have fun!

Monday, January 13, 2014

Social Networking: Brazilian Style (woot woot!)

A passion for living life in the moment and enthusiastically sharing experiences - this is the Brazilian way.

Made in Brazil, AniMoby for iPhone combines elements of storytelling and image-sharing to make sharing more interactive, more fun... and well, more Brazilian.

AniMoby for iPhone functions as a social network and features a newsfeed that is designed for users to post and share images, much like that of Instagram. But unlike other social networks and image-sharing sites, with AniMoby for iPhone, users can add voice and design tools to make their photos more interactive.

The app is now being offered for free in the iTunes App Store.

"People can use photos and voice together to become storytellers about moments in their life," said Matheus Ribeiro, AniMoby for iPhone lead programmer. "Social media is all about sharing our moments, from the frivolous to our most important milestones, and AniMoby for iPhone specializes in making this easier and more enjoyable.

"For instance, if you are on vacation at the beach and come across a beautiful landscape, AniMoby for iPhone allows you to not only take the picture, but talk about the experience, the environment, the story behind it," Ribeiro added. "No other social network or image-sharing tool offers this like AniMoby does."

AniMoby for iPhone allows users to follow eachother, and "Like" or "Dislike" and comment on projects, similar to other popular social network sites.

After receiving more than 30,000 downloads of their interactive whiteboard versions for iPads/Android tablets, the makers of AniMoby decided it was time to release a version for iPhones. Though the focus of AniMoby for iPhone has shifted to entertainment, the app still can be used for educational purposes to produce and view high-quality lessons - much like its predecessor for tablets.

Also, AniMoby projects made on a tablet can be viewed on AniMoby for iPhone. And like AniMoby for tablets, projects made using AniMoby for iPhone can be published on the AniMoby website where all internet users can view from any computer or mobile device.

Click here to download AniMoby for iPhone for free in the Apple iTunes Store.