Wednesday, November 27, 2013

AniMoby Officially Released to Google Play Store

Appsis Tecnologia announced yesterday the official release of edtech app AniMoby to the Google Play Store for Android-powered tablets.

Only AniMoby Standard (the free version) is available in the Google Play Store, according to Kaio Soares, AniMoby's head Android developer. 

AniMoby has already received great success with their version for iPads that is available in the iTunes App Store. The app has been downloaded by more than 25,000 users from throughout the world. 

"I have heard from thousands of teachers, from Thailand to Texas, who have used AniMoby as part of a successful integration of technology to their classroom," Koyanagi said. "Technology has changed so much in our lives already, and it is finally making headways into education - making the way we teach and learn more effective and efficient, so we can do more with less time.

"We know our release to the Google Play Store will only encourage more edtech integration," Koyanagi added. "We are very happy to be part of this education revolution."

The education-focused app provides an interactive whiteboard, sound/voice recording capabilities, and access to a variety of design tools (paint, draw, insert photos and text, etc.). 

These tools allow teachers to use the app to make lessons that can be uploaded to the AniMoby website, and from there, students can view the lessons anytime/anywhere with any computer or mobile device with internet access.

AniMoby features a large education-focused clip art library designed to help teachers make lessons. Using AniMoby, PowerPoint presentations can be uploaded to the app where voice and design tools can be added to the slides (find out how by clicking here). 

AniMoby is the perfect app for teachers who are interested in using class flipping techniques, and the AniMoby staff is currently busy introducing the class flip methodology to teachers in Brazil.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

"Animoby is an excellent app that is great for creating flipped lessons in the classroom" -

AniMoby once again received high reviews by education-application reviewers - this time by Michael Karlin at

Karlin gave the app a 5/5 "outstanding" rating and stated the app was perfect for creating flipped classes.

"AniMoby is a new, free app that turns your iPad into a digital whiteboard that you can use to create and send out lessons to your students," said Karlin. "It has an incredibly simple interface and great potential for creating flipped lessons."

From its humble beginnings in Brazil, AniMoby is taking the EdTech world by storm, and now has received more than 25,000 downloads in the iTunes App Store in a few short months. The app is designed to save time for busy teachers and can be used as a primary platform for class flipping.

"Go Pro" and download the most advanced version of AniMoby. Click here to download for iPad. Coming soon for Android tablets and iPhones.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

App Reviewer Gives AniMoby Overwhelming Praise

Once again, AniMoby received overwhelming praise from an application review site. This time, it came from the site "Thats Appsolutely Genius" at The site focuses on finding and reviewing technology-involved education resources.

The site reviewed AniMoby Pro and was impressed with the many features. Below is a short excerpt from the blog post.

"Educators interested in adopting a flipped classroom model should keep reading this post. AniMoby is a powerful app with endless possibilities for teaching and learning. Think of this as a blank canvas that allows you to create presentations or any subjects and any grade level... Although there are many iPad apps available for creating lessons, AniMoby is one of the most intuitive lesson creation and presentation tools that could inspire any teacher o flip their classroom and create classroom environments conducive to 21st Century learning."

With more than 25,000 downloads in its first few weeks in the iTunes App Store, and planned releases for Android Tablets and iPhones - AniMoby is amongst the top EdTech apps in the market. Check it out, and download the Pro version here.

Despite Delays, AniMoby Still Plans Release for Android Tablets

The makers of AniMoby announced several weeks ago that the application would be released for Android Tablets in the Google Play Store in the month of October. However, programming obstacles arose which prevented the scheduled release. AniMoby programmers now schedule the release for mid-November.

"Concerning the delays, we apologize to all the people who were waiting for the release," said Fernando Koyanagi, CEO of Appsis Tecnologia (makers of AniMoby). "However, I am nearly one hundred percent sure we will be in the Google Play Store in a few more days. The wait won't be long."

Chief Android Programmer at Appsis, Kaio Soares, agreed with Koyanagi, and stated the issues that prevented the release will be easily overcome.

"We wanted the app to undergo another round of tests - all part of an effort to ensure the app was functioning in the most optimal manner possible," said Soares. "I am just as excited as anybody to get this app in the Google Play Store, but I won't be satisfied if it's not perfect. And I certainly know the customers feel the same way."

Soares stated he has a high level of confidence that the app will be functioning in this "optimal manner" upon release a few weeks from now.

Koyanagi is anxious to get the app in the Android market, which will allow more teachers around the world to access AniMoby and take advantage of its many educational benefits, such as flipping classes. 

The version of the app for iPads recorded more than 25,000 downloads in its first few weeks in the iTunes App Store. 

"With a rapid pace, AniMoby became one of the hottest selling, most talked about EdTech apps in the iTunes App Store," said Koyanagi. "The app is helping thousands of teachers to flip class for the first time. The app is enhancing education worldwide, and we hope our release to the Google Play Store continues this process."