Tuesday, November 19, 2013

"Animoby is an excellent app that is great for creating flipped lessons in the classroom" - EdTechRoundUp.org

AniMoby once again received high reviews by education-application reviewers - this time by Michael Karlin at EdTechRoundUp.org.

Karlin gave the app a 5/5 "outstanding" rating and stated the app was perfect for creating flipped classes.

"AniMoby is a new, free app that turns your iPad into a digital whiteboard that you can use to create and send out lessons to your students," said Karlin. "It has an incredibly simple interface and great potential for creating flipped lessons."

From its humble beginnings in Brazil, AniMoby is taking the EdTech world by storm, and now has received more than 25,000 downloads in the iTunes App Store in a few short months. The app is designed to save time for busy teachers and can be used as a primary platform for class flipping.

"Go Pro" and download the most advanced version of AniMoby. Click here to download for iPad. Coming soon for Android tablets and iPhones.

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