Monday, September 30, 2013

Give life to your dull powerpoint presentations... add Voice, use AniMoby

Check out the video above to learn how to add VOICE to your presentations.

E-mailing powerpoint presentations when a live meeting cannot occur is commonplace in the business world. As expected, interaction is stifled - causing quality and effectiveness to suffer.

However, an application for tablets, AniMoby, adds a tool that is frequently missing from dull powerpoint slides -  use of voice. Check out how to add voice in the short video above, or click here

With AniMoby, Users also have access to a wide variety of design tools (to paint, draw, highlight, etc.) to improve the appearance of their powerpoint presentations.

The AniMoby app is currently available for iPads and can be purchased in the iTunes Store. A link to our free version is below. The app is scheduled for release in the Google Play Store in October.

Give your digital powerpoint presentations voice, use AniMoby.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

AniMoby hits the 3,000 mark for Facebook fans

Just a few days ago, AniMoby received its 3,000th Facebook fan and is taking a hefty piece of the market share in several countries in the iTunes App Store category of "Education Apps," according to

AniMoby's success started in the schools of Brazil but is now being used by teachers at numerous countries around the world. The app allows teachers to make interactive lessons/presentations with an iPad while recording voice and using a variety of design tools (draw, paint, text, highlight, etc.) - and then send to students who can view them anytime, anywhere on any electronic device with internet connection.

This turns the iPad into a mobile classroom, and removes the age-old neccesity of needing a physical classroom to teach lessons. 

Keep up with the education pack, and download AniMoby from iTunes app store by clicking here. AniMoby is scheduled to hit the Google Play Store in October. 

Thursday, September 19, 2013

AniMoby Plans Launch to Google Play Store in October

The final efforts of making AniMoby available for tablets in the Google Play Store are underway with a plan for release in early October. 

Currently, AniMoby is only available for iPads, but the application will greatly expand their market by becoming available in the Google Play Store. According to recent figures found here, Android tablet sales reached the 28 million mark in the second financial quarter of 2013, up from 10.7 million sales. 

Now, Android holds 62.6 percent of market share, while Apple only holds 32.5 percent. In the same quarter a year ago, Apple held 60.3 percent, and Google held just 38 percent.  

"We have already heard great testimonials from teachers, students, and parents who have used AniMoby to enhance the learning process and educational experience," said Fernando Koyanagi, Appsis Tecnologia CEO, the company that developed AniMoby. "We want to increase the number of people around-the-world who have access to AniMoby, so even more can take advantage of the educational benefits. So for us, it is a logical decision to enter the vastly-expanding Android market."

AniMoby is an application that revolutionizes teaching by turning tablets into mobile classrooms. Using the application, teachers can make lessons by using an interactive whiteboard that includes voice recording capabilities and a plethora of design tools. 

Teachers can then send these recordings to students who can watch them anytime, anywhere from any computer, tablet, or smartphone with internet access. Click here to see an example of a lesson. 

For more information about the Google Play Store release, keep track of the AniMoby blog

Thursday, September 12, 2013

AniMoby Pro Receives Rave Reviews by

For the second time in one week, AniMoby received praise by app reviewers. However, this time it was specifically AniMoby Pro that received the spotlight.

AniMoby Pro received an 8.5/10 rating, and reviewer Tucker Cummings wrote, "If you are looking for a user-friendly tool to help create presentations, this interesting app is worth paying a premium price to obtain."

The article mentioned AniMoby's voice capabilities, linking Dropbox and e-mail for PDF importation,  and the compact files sizes projects are saved onto.

"Whether you are a student looking to create a stunning presentation for a class project, a business professional looking to wow a client with a persuasive pitch, or an educator looking to enhance your classroom skills, AniMoby is a great tool to use," Cummings wrote. "Overall, this simple app is worth paying a little bit more to download. It's got a great interface, and is useful for all kinds of presentation needs."

So if you already have our standard version and are looking to improve your AniMoby experience - consider GOING PRO, and downloading AniMoby Pro

AniMoby Pro recordings have unlimited durations, compared to the two minute limit of the standard version. AniMoby Pro is free of advertisements, and also contains a larger clipart library. 

GO PRO - and download our AniMoby Pro version for your iPad by clicking here

Check out the review in full on by clicking here

REVIEWERS, BLOGS, WEBSITES - if interested in featuring AniMoby, contact us at for a promo code to AniMoby Pro

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Add Voice to Your Powerpoint Presentations w/AniMoby

Sending powerpoint slides over e-mail is a common practice when individuals cannot get together for a meeting. Almost always missing from these presentations is the use of VOICE - which adds a dose of interaction and entertainment into dull, soundless slideshows.

Using AniMoby, people can now convert powerpoint presentations from a PC to AniMoby on an iPad. This enables users to add voice to their powerpoint presentations before sending to their students, business partners, clients, customers, etc. - who can view the interactive slides anywhere/anytime from any PC, tablet, or smart phone.

Converting a powerpoint presentation to AniMoby takes a few SIMPLE steps:
1. On an open powerpoint presentation on a PC, go to file, and then to print
2. Choose the option to print as a PDF file, the file will now be in PDF form
3. Choose where to save the PDF file
4. Attach the PDF file to an e-mail
5. Go to your e-mail on the iPad (make sure you are logged into AniMoby), open the attached PDF file from the email, and click on option "Open in AniMoby" within the PDF
7. AniMoby will open, when it does - under text that says "Current selection:," tap the PDF option
8. The PDF file should be in the list below
9. Give the project a name, and tap the green check-mark on the top-right of the prompt
10. The slideshow will

*This can also be accomplished through Dropbox. To do so, link AniMoby account with Dropbox (Go to AniMoby settings to do this), and send PDF file to Dropbox account. BE SURE to place file inside the AniMoby folder within the Applications Folder when saving within Dropbox.

If you need any help, the AniMoby staff is always here for you. Contact us at

AniMoby Receives High Ratings, Featured on Front Page of App Review Site

AniMoby is being featured today as the front page story on app review website The website reviewed AniMoby, and fortunately, had some tremendous remarks about our app.

An excerpt from the review is below:

"The app provides a wonderful and simple opportunity to turn your iPad into a learning module par excellence and adds something that most similar apps don't have...vocal capabilities. The standard free edition of the app includes enough features to get you excited at the prospect of teaching your students or instructing your team via their iPad but it's worth looking at the Pro version to for the depth of tools the app delivers. The iPad has changed everything over the last few years and now Animoby gives it the chance to become so much more than an entertainment vehicle."

The AniMoby staff is humbled (but not surprised) by receiving such a positive review. The AniMoby app has capabilities to revolutionize teaching by turning the tablet into a mobile classroom - and we've just gotten started. Expect the app to cross-over to several other platforms and add even more creative tools and elements. 

Click here to read the full of the version of the review. 

Click here to download our standard version.
Click here to download our PRO version.
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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Intro to AniMoby - YouTube video

Since this is our first day blogging about AniMoby, we thought it was fitting to post our YouTube video "Intro to AniMoby." Check it out!

Use AniMoby to turn your iPad into a mobile classroom. Speak, Write, Share.... AniMoby

Using AniMoby for ESOL, ESL

Click on the picture above to watch an ESOL (English for speakers of other languages) presentation about everyday greetings - such as hello, good morning, good night, and goodbye.

This AniMoby presentation is a simple example of how the application can be used to help teachers - in this case, a teacher of ESOL.

Teachers can add pictures and design a presentation with ease on the interactive whiteboard, and use and record voice to explain what they are doing.

AniMoby turns your iPad into a mobile classroom. Teachers - check it out!

Speak, Write, Share.... AniMoby - Our First Blog Post

This is the first post on the AniMoby blog. We will start off with a brief introduction to AniMoby to those unfamiliar with the app. 

AniMoby revolutionizes teaching with an iPad by turning the tablet into a mobile classroom. Speak, write, share... Use AniMoby.

AniMoby is an app for iPads that allows users to record voice while using design tools on an interactive whiteboard. This combination makes AniMoby the perfect product for the creation of user-friendly presentations and lessons - which teachers can send to any student with internet connection to view anytime, anywhere. Unlike other interactive whiteboard apps, AniMoby does not use video file formats – so file sizes are small and can be saved/shared with ease.AniMoby also features a clipart library designed to help teachers make lessons.

In addition to teachers, folks from a variety of professions can benefit from using AniMoby. Business professionals can create high-quality presentations using an iPad and share to clients and customers across the world. Athletic coaches can use the app's sports templates to design plays for their teams. Artists and simple doodlers can express their freedom of creativity and use AniMoby's many design tools on an open canvas.

Two versions of AniMoby are available – AniMobyPro and AniMobyStandard. AniMoby Pro provides the most enhanced AniMoby experience, and includes unlimited recording durations and access to a larger library of templates and clipart. In the ProVersion, animations can also be sent privately to others, and use of the app is free of advertisements.

In the Standard version, recordings are limited to two minutes, the template\clipart library is limited, and advertisements will be featured. AniMoby Pro is now being offered for a one-time payment of $7.99.

For a link to our standard version at the iTunes Store, click here.
For a link to our pro version at the iTunes Store, click here.

Check out or library of videos at

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