Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Add Voice to Your Powerpoint Presentations w/AniMoby

Sending powerpoint slides over e-mail is a common practice when individuals cannot get together for a meeting. Almost always missing from these presentations is the use of VOICE - which adds a dose of interaction and entertainment into dull, soundless slideshows.

Using AniMoby, people can now convert powerpoint presentations from a PC to AniMoby on an iPad. This enables users to add voice to their powerpoint presentations before sending to their students, business partners, clients, customers, etc. - who can view the interactive slides anywhere/anytime from any PC, tablet, or smart phone.

Converting a powerpoint presentation to AniMoby takes a few SIMPLE steps:
1. On an open powerpoint presentation on a PC, go to file, and then to print
2. Choose the option to print as a PDF file, the file will now be in PDF form
3. Choose where to save the PDF file
4. Attach the PDF file to an e-mail
5. Go to your e-mail on the iPad (make sure you are logged into AniMoby), open the attached PDF file from the email, and click on option "Open in AniMoby" within the PDF
7. AniMoby will open, when it does - under text that says "Current selection:," tap the PDF option
8. The PDF file should be in the list below
9. Give the project a name, and tap the green check-mark on the top-right of the prompt
10. The slideshow will

*This can also be accomplished through Dropbox. To do so, link AniMoby account with Dropbox (Go to AniMoby settings to do this), and send PDF file to Dropbox account. BE SURE to place file inside the AniMoby folder within the Applications Folder when saving within Dropbox.

If you need any help, the AniMoby staff is always here for you. Contact us at

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