Wednesday, September 11, 2013

AniMoby Receives High Ratings, Featured on Front Page of App Review Site

AniMoby is being featured today as the front page story on app review website The website reviewed AniMoby, and fortunately, had some tremendous remarks about our app.

An excerpt from the review is below:

"The app provides a wonderful and simple opportunity to turn your iPad into a learning module par excellence and adds something that most similar apps don't have...vocal capabilities. The standard free edition of the app includes enough features to get you excited at the prospect of teaching your students or instructing your team via their iPad but it's worth looking at the Pro version to for the depth of tools the app delivers. The iPad has changed everything over the last few years and now Animoby gives it the chance to become so much more than an entertainment vehicle."

The AniMoby staff is humbled (but not surprised) by receiving such a positive review. The AniMoby app has capabilities to revolutionize teaching by turning the tablet into a mobile classroom - and we've just gotten started. Expect the app to cross-over to several other platforms and add even more creative tools and elements. 

Click here to read the full of the version of the review. 

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Click here to download our PRO version.
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