Thursday, September 19, 2013

AniMoby Plans Launch to Google Play Store in October

The final efforts of making AniMoby available for tablets in the Google Play Store are underway with a plan for release in early October. 

Currently, AniMoby is only available for iPads, but the application will greatly expand their market by becoming available in the Google Play Store. According to recent figures found here, Android tablet sales reached the 28 million mark in the second financial quarter of 2013, up from 10.7 million sales. 

Now, Android holds 62.6 percent of market share, while Apple only holds 32.5 percent. In the same quarter a year ago, Apple held 60.3 percent, and Google held just 38 percent.  

"We have already heard great testimonials from teachers, students, and parents who have used AniMoby to enhance the learning process and educational experience," said Fernando Koyanagi, Appsis Tecnologia CEO, the company that developed AniMoby. "We want to increase the number of people around-the-world who have access to AniMoby, so even more can take advantage of the educational benefits. So for us, it is a logical decision to enter the vastly-expanding Android market."

AniMoby is an application that revolutionizes teaching by turning tablets into mobile classrooms. Using the application, teachers can make lessons by using an interactive whiteboard that includes voice recording capabilities and a plethora of design tools. 

Teachers can then send these recordings to students who can watch them anytime, anywhere from any computer, tablet, or smartphone with internet access. Click here to see an example of a lesson. 

For more information about the Google Play Store release, keep track of the AniMoby blog

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