Wednesday, September 25, 2013

AniMoby hits the 3,000 mark for Facebook fans

Just a few days ago, AniMoby received its 3,000th Facebook fan and is taking a hefty piece of the market share in several countries in the iTunes App Store category of "Education Apps," according to

AniMoby's success started in the schools of Brazil but is now being used by teachers at numerous countries around the world. The app allows teachers to make interactive lessons/presentations with an iPad while recording voice and using a variety of design tools (draw, paint, text, highlight, etc.) - and then send to students who can view them anytime, anywhere on any electronic device with internet connection.

This turns the iPad into a mobile classroom, and removes the age-old neccesity of needing a physical classroom to teach lessons. 

Keep up with the education pack, and download AniMoby from iTunes app store by clicking here. AniMoby is scheduled to hit the Google Play Store in October. 

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