Monday, September 30, 2013

Give life to your dull powerpoint presentations... add Voice, use AniMoby

Check out the video above to learn how to add VOICE to your presentations.

E-mailing powerpoint presentations when a live meeting cannot occur is commonplace in the business world. As expected, interaction is stifled - causing quality and effectiveness to suffer.

However, an application for tablets, AniMoby, adds a tool that is frequently missing from dull powerpoint slides -  use of voice. Check out how to add voice in the short video above, or click here

With AniMoby, Users also have access to a wide variety of design tools (to paint, draw, highlight, etc.) to improve the appearance of their powerpoint presentations.

The AniMoby app is currently available for iPads and can be purchased in the iTunes Store. A link to our free version is below. The app is scheduled for release in the Google Play Store in October.

Give your digital powerpoint presentations voice, use AniMoby.

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