Monday, December 2, 2013

"AniMoby is versatile and easy... sure to recommend it to colleagues, students" - EdTech App Reviewer

AniMoby received excellent reviews this week in a review from popular EdTech blog Baker's BYOD.

The blog is managed by "Mrs. Baker," an English teacher from New Jersey who is enthusiastic about technology integration in the classroom. She describes her blog as a "burgeoning blog documenting the use of technology and therapy dogs in the high school English classroom."

According to Mrs. Baker, AniMoby is an effective tool for both teachers and students to create lessons.

"For those of you looking for a whiteboard video creation tool to use on any tablet, check out AniMoby," she wrote.

However, Mrs Baker had one primary recommendation.

"While AniMoby works great on tablets, I wonder if a paired down version could be available for smartphones," said Mrs. Baker. "Teaching in a BYOD district with most of the students using smartphones, having a screencasting tool for a smartphone would be an asset."

Fortunately for Mrs. Baker and other teachers looking for an interactive whiteboard tool that operates on smartphones, AniMoby is planning to release this month a version for iPhones. The iPhone version will be completely compatible with AniMoby for iPads and Android tablets.

Check out AniMoby Free and AniMoby Pro for iPads, or AniMoby Free for Android Tablets.

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