Saturday, March 22, 2014

AniMoby Widely Used Among "Flipped" Educators

The interactive whiteboard app AniMoby has grown to become one of the most relied-on technology tools for teachers practicing flipped education methods.

A sizable number of websites have already lauded AniMoby for its benefits to a flipped learning environment, and AniMoby has recently seen an increase in the number of lessons its users are creating for outside the classroom purposes. 

"AniMoby really makes class flipping easy, as it gives teachers a platform to make video lessons nearly effortlessly," said Fernando Koyanagi, CEO of Appsis Tecnologia, the founders of AniMoby. "With no rendering time and quick uploading time, these lessons are also very easy for students to view."

One of the most popular education trends in the past few years is the flipped method; a learning style that "flips" conventional classroom practices. The method uses the word "flip" in its title because the traditional format is flipped - what was considered homework before is accomplished in the classroom with help from the teacher, and typical class lessons are now viewed at home, with help from programs such as AniMoby.

When compared to conventional pedalogical formats, many educators claim the flipped method is a more effective teaching strategy that results in both higher test scores and course passing rates. 

AniMoby (for iPadsAndroid tablets, and iPhones) is "flip-friendly" due to its ability to create recorded animations with use of voice and design (paint, draw, text, photo insertion, etc.) features simultaneously. Teachers can use these features to create lessons that can be saved on the "cloud" and viewed on AniMoby's website anytime/anywhere from any device with internet.

"With the AniMoby app, teachers can also import Powerpoint presentations or create their own slideshows within the app - and add voice to these presentations, which is great for sending over the web when a live meeting cannot take place," added Koyanagi. "Teachers and students can also communicate within the application through use of our comment section, much like the comment section featured in the space below a video on Facebook or YouTube."

Using AniMoby for iPad or an Android tablet, if a student does not understand the material shown on an AniMoby-produced class lesson, they can record an animation with their question and attach it to the original file produced by the teacher. The student can send the file back to the teacher, giving the teacher the opportunity to record and attach their answer.

"We call this the question-and-answer feature, and we made it possible to make learning that occurs outside of school a more effective process," said Koyanagi. "But it has proven to fit perfectly with the aim of class flipping."

To view two examples of flipped lessons performed with the AniMoby app, click on the links below. 

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