Monday, March 31, 2014

AniMoby Android Update Improves App Performance

The makers of AniMoby Interactive Whiteboard released an updated version for Android tablets that drastically improves user experience and overall app functionality. 

Those who already have AniMoby for their Android tablet do not need to download the app again; the update should occur automatically. 

Enhanced Sound Quality

Apart from standard bug corrections, the most noticeable change for users will be the enhanced audio performance. Previously, the audio quality of animations produced by Android tablets suffered from a noticeable amount of sound interference. 

"Before, though audio interference typically remained slight enough so that all voices during animations could be well-heard, the user experience may have been disrupted by the bad sound quality," said Kaio Soares, AniMoby's head Android developer. "With the latest version, sound quality is at a more optimal level, which should definitely lead to a better experience for the user."

Sharing Capabilities

AniMoby also enhanced social media sharing capabilities. AniMoby users can now share their projects to Facebook from within the app. 

This sharing process is simple; while working on an AniMoby project, users must click on the share icon at the top left hand corner of the screen (shown below) and choose the option to publish on Facebook. 

At this point, a prompt will appear that provides two options - to publish the AniMoby file on Facebook as a project or as an image

Sharing as a Project

Publishing on Facebook as a project will place on the newsfeed a small photo, short description of the project, and link to the AniMoby website to view the complete project. This is preferable for projects that include multiple slides or recorded animations, as these types of projects cannot be viewed in their entirety on Facebook - thus sharing simply the link is the best option.

Below is an example of an AniMoby file published on the Facebook newsfeed as a project:

Sharing as an Image

When publishing as an image, the AniMoby project will appear on the Facebook newsfeed in large photo format without a link. This is the best option for sharing AniMoby projects that include just one slide. 

Below is an example of a project posted as an image. Notice the large photo, which requires no link to the AniMoby website to view in-full:

Import Options

In addition to these new options, users can now import PDFs from their Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive accounts, and images can be imported from the Google Drive.

All of the updates mentioned are for the version of AniMoby compatible for Android Tablets. However, AniMoby is also available for iPads and iPhones. Click on the links to download.

Stayed tuned to the blog, as more AniMoby updates are planned for the days to come...

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