Monday, May 19, 2014

AniMoby, Google Maps Make Directions Simple

For all those who have confidently embarked on a journey with a map in-hand but ended up on the wrong side of town (or county, state, country, etc.) - AniMoby for Android tablets has combined their features with Google Maps to help travelers stay on the right route.

Access to Google Maps is now possible from within AniMoby, where users can add voice and design features. This allows for more thorough explanations of route details and adds a more personalized experience when giving directions.

"If a friend gives me directions to his house in a part of town I am unfamiliar with, normally I would get the address and make an itinerary using Google Maps," said Haroldo Teruya, AniMoby Android developer. "But this is problematic, as no matter how good the directions are, the territory remains unfamiliar.

"However, with this feature, it's like having your friend along with you lending a helping hand," added Teruya. "Also, if there is an interesting landmark or something that will interrupt the route, it can be mentioned in the AniMoby version of the map. For instance, my friend could tell me about a construction area on the route, or a pizzeria where he wants me to grab a slice for him."

To access Google Maps from within AniMoby and incorporate these features, click on the photo icon (shown below) in the AniMoby toolbar.

In the prompt that follows, click on the "G" icon (shown below) and choose the "Google Maps" option. This takes the user to the Google Maps feature.

From there, Google Maps will appear and users have the option to enter their desired destinations, and Google will determine the appropriate route and provide a detailed itinerary; identical to the process found in the internet browser. 

To incoporate AniMoby's voice and design features, the user must then save the map and itinerary to their image library by clicking the icon shown below, and return to the original AniMoby screen. 
 At this point, the maps can be re-opened from the image library and dragged to the screen, where voice, text, arrows, lines, highlights, and other design elements can be added.

These added features are a part of  the recently released AniMoby for Androids 1.1 version. AniMoby users do not need to download the application again to receive these updates: they should happen automatically.

Also, the Google Maps feature currently is only available for AniMoby for Android tablets, and not for the AniMoby versions for iPads and iPhones. However, a project using Google Maps with AniMoby on an Android tablet can be published on the AniMoby website and available to view with any computer or device with internet connection.

"Even though a Google Map/AniMoby presentation can only be created with an Android tablet at this moment, by no way are its benefits limited to this device," said Teruya. "My friend can make personalized directions using Google Maps with AniMoby, and I can view it enroute on my iPhone or on my laptop while sitting on my couch."

To download AniMoby for Android tablets, click here.

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